Speaker: PSA1 Line arrays

Speaker: PSA1 Line arrays

Yorkville Sound’s Paraline Series active full range loudspeaker system delivers the clarity and precision of a complex line array system in a compact, user friendly format. Innovative cabinet design uses Yorkville Sound’s proven Paraline high frequency lens technology pioneered in our flagship VTC Elevation Series line array cabinets.1

Two BMS 1.75-inch compression drivers mounted to the patented Paraline lens delivers a focused 15-degree vertical dispersion and wide 110 degree horizontal coverage. Four high quality 18 Sound 6-inch woofers provide a tight and ultra responsive low frequency program.

PSA1 Paraline Lens Technology

The heart of the PSA1 design is the high frequency Para-Line lens. Invented by Tom Danley, this patented technology transforms a point source into a uni-phase plane wave, allowing multiple high frequency drivers to sum coherently in the vertical plane without self-interference. This innovative design provides an effective impedance transformation while at the same time adjusting the path length in a continuously variable way creating a dispersion pattern with the same characteristics as that of a much deeper conventional horn. Paraline Element

The Paraline Lens eliminates the impractical depth needed to make a conventional horn that would sum into a non-interfering source needed for multiple cabinet arrays. In the case of the PSA1, a vertical dispersion pattern of 15° is achieved with a Paraline lens less than one inch deep, where a conventional horn design would need to be several metres in length.

Innovative Multiple Woofer Configuration

Four 6-inch high power woofers mounted on the “V” shaped front baffle /horn utilize the entire front surface area of the cabinet to increase loading on the drivers and control pattern coverage at lower frequencies. This unique four woofer design increases power handling while reducing power compression by spreading the work load out over four long excursion voice coils and heat sinks (magnets).

Designed for Live Sound in the Real World

Rugged injection molded ABS cabinet and Neodymium magnet woofers minimize overall cabinet weight making a full system transport and set-up can easily be handled with a single operator. Designed to deliver maximum performance with minimum complication, the PSA1’s integrated power amplifiers and internal DSP mean no external processing is required. Direct connect to mixer source and set system levels, and the system is ready for the show.

Highly efficient amplifier design means each PSA1 draws less than 3 amps in typical operation meaning up to four cabinets can operate safely on a standard 15 amp service. This allows efficient set up using AC loop thru connections on the PSA1 while avoiding nuisance tripping of mains breakers. This also minimizes the need for multiple extension cables or access to multiple house circuits often needed for an active PA setup.

Ideal for mobile PA applications in venues where access to complex trussing or roof hangs isn’t practical, the Yorkville PSA1 cabinet mounts quickly and securely on a typical speaker stand. Innovative dual position stand mount offers two potential cabinet angles for expanded setup options. Up to two PSA1 cabinets can be stacked safely and securely on a single traditional stand.

Optional PSA1 Installation Hardware

Yorkville Paraline Series PSA1 cabinets can be flown in any installation quickly, securely and very cost effectively with the addition of optional flying hardware (PSA1RIGKIT) and a proprietary bumper (PSA1FRAME). The PSA1RIGKIT installs directly to the PSA1 without modification to the cabinet using mounting points integrated in the all-metal aluminum cabinet handles. A maximum of four PSA1 cabinets can be arrayed safely using PSA1RIGKIT assemblies. The entire array can then be safely flown using a single PSA1FRAME bumper. Four Cabinet PSA1 Array using Optional Installation Hardware Assembly

The PSA1FRAME bumper has several flying points to angle the array in simple two-point hangs. The efficient design allows the PSA1 cabinets to be rigged with the frame kit in the field with a minimum of time and effort. The hardware maintains fixed cabinet to cabinet splay angles for seamless vertical coverage.

The Modular PSA1 system can be configured for optimum coverage in most installations quickly and effectively without complicated hardware, or additional external signal processing making it the most cost effective installation solution delivering the performance of a compact vertical array.

A system comprised of two PSA1 cabinets delivers 30°V x 110°H coverage using two PSA1RIGKITs and one PSA1FRAME. A three cabinet 45°V x 110°H array can be created with the addition of one PSA1 and one additional PSA1RIGKIT. A maximum of four cabinets can be configured for specialized installs where a 60°V x 110°H array may be required.

Optional PSA1 Grille Foam Kit

An optional user installable mesh kit that effectively hides the internal drivers and horn assembly of the PSA1 is available. Ideal for installations and applications where a more subtle cabinet appearance is required, the acoustically transparent grille material (PSA1FOAM) can quickly be retrofitted to any PSA1 with the quick removal of four hex bolts on the front of the cabinet and attaching the PSA1FOAM kit using a high quality adhesive* to the existing all-metal PSA1 grille.


  • Features:

      • Ultra High Performance Compact Active PA System
      • Uses Patented Paraline Horn Lens Technology (from Yorkville Sound’sFlagship VTC Elevation Series Vertical Array Touring Systems)
      • High quality Speaker Components (including 18 Sound 6-inch Woofers and BMSCompression Drivers)
      • Focused 15° Vertical Dispersion for Minimum Interference Between ArrayedCabinets
      • Wide 110° Horizontal Dispersion Pattern
      • Manufactured Using Light-weight/Strong ABS Cabinet Material Stacks usingStandard Speaker Stand on Integrated Dual Angle Stand Mount Adaptor (MaximumTwo Cabinets per stand)
      • Installation Hardware Available
      • Up to Four PSA1 Cabinets Can Be Easily Powered on one 15 Amp Circuit
      • Made in Canada
  • Specifications:

    • Active or Passive Active
    • Program Power (Watts) 700 Program (1200 Watts Peak)
    • Biampable Biamp
    • Max SPL (dB) 128dB Peak (125dB Continuous)
    • Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3db) 75Hz-20K
    • Crossover Frequency (Hz) 1.2K
    • Driver Configuration 2×1″, 4×6″
    • HF Driver(s) 2×1-inch Ceramic w/ 1.75-inch VoiceCoil
    • HF Program Power (Watts) 75 Watts (200 Watts Peak)
    • HF Dispersion (°H x °V) 110×15
    • HF Protection Peak and Average Limiting
    • LF Driver(s) 4×6-inch neo with 45mm VC
    • LF Program Power(Watts) 675 Watts Program (1000 Watts Peak)
    • LF Impedance(Ohms) 2 Ohm Load
    • LF Protection Excursion, RMS
    • HF Power Amplifier (Watts) 75W
    • HF Amplifier Type 2-Tier Class H
    • LF Power Amplifier (Watts) 625W
    • LF Amplifier Type Class D
    • Cooling Scheme Convection
    • Power Cable Removable Locking IEC Input and Loop Thru Output
    • Power Switch Yes
    • Power Consumption (typ/max) 135 VA / 225 VA
    • Inputs 1 Combijack (XLR / 1/4-inch)
    • Input Sensitivity (Vrms Sine) Line in 1.4 at center, 0.35 at max
    • Level Controls Volume
    • EQ Controls HF Boost switch, Fullrange/Sub switch
    • Limiter Peak and Average limiting on horn and woofer
    • LED Indicators Power, Limit, Clip
    • Enclosure Materials Injection Molded ABS
    • Baffle Material Injection Molded ABS
    • Covering / Finish Paint
    • Optional Covering / Finishes Optional Colours available
    • Dimensions (DWH xbackW, inches) 14.5 x20.5 x16
    • Weight (lbs/kg) 47 / 21.4